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New Oxbow Lodge

New oxbow Lodge - Backpacker and lodge accommodation in Oxbow Lesotho


Head into the Maluti Mountains in your trusty 4 x 4, geared up and ready for whatever the mountains may throw at you. The road to Oxbow itself is all tarred so you can even make the journey in a car through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Africa. skinny pony pic.jpg (22866 bytes)You cross crystal clear rivers fed from melting snow and check the lie of the land. That same stream may be 20 feet deep when you want to return in a few days time. There are no fences up here. The country side is as pristine and wild as Africa is meant to be. The Basotho you see are probably on horse-back wearing their traditional blankets. 4x4 tracks are amongst the best you will find and as for the fishing, well come and see for yourself. Even if you are not the adventurous type, New Oxbow lodge has a lot to offer. The lodge is reached via the glorious Moeng Pass which tops out at 2800 meters and then descends to the lodge in a valley 8km from the summit, on the banks of the Malibatsoe River. The snow and skiing are best enjoyed from June through to August. The 2km ski slope, the longest run in Southern Africa is situated 11km from the lodge at Mahlasela Hill Ski equipment can be hired from the lodge. The weather is changeable and being above the Alpine level, extreme lows (sometimes as much as minus 20 degrees C.) can be experienced in winter. The attractions in summer are also not to be missed. Fly fisherman know that the Bilharzia free rivers of Lesotho have the finest trout fishing in Southern Africa, bar none. With the Lodge as a base, avid fisherman can find rivers and pools undreamed of in other parts of Southern Africa. An additional attraction to the mountains is that of 4x4 excursions. The Maluti Mountains are a massive region, unfenced and with some tracks which are nothing more than bridle paths, providing unparalleled challenges to off-road enthusiasts. Whilst summer temperatures can be warm in the day, they can also drop sharply in the evening and visitors must at all times make sure that they have sufficient warm clothing for the severest of conditions. Holiday makers who simply enjoy the majestic beauty of the mountains can swim in the crystal clear waters or meander along the streams at one with the only Alpine region in Southern Africa, or look at the birds and if lucky sight the rare Bearded Vulture. Accommodation With en-suite accommodation for up to 100 guests and catering facilities in two conference rooms for 120 people, the Lodge can facilitate conferences for large groups. Exclusivity can be arranged by stocking a private bar for a group's exclusive use. 1 x Conference Room The Lodge is fully licensed with two bars and our restaurant offers both an a la carte and table d'hote menu. Visit New OxBow Lodge and you will see why we were awarded the 1991, 1995 and 1998 International Golden Award for the Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry.

Valid passports are essential. South African passport holders do not require a visa, but will receive a stamp at both border posts (South Africa and Lesotho). Children of any ages must also have passports. Animals require permits.
Toll gate at the boarder post, at present is R5.00 

Lesotho roads are not fenced, please be alert for children and animals crossing the road.
In winter care must be taken as there is ice on the road (Government road works grade the roads and throw salt on the roads to help melt the ice)

There are regular roadblocks and spot fines in Lesotho, please ensure that you have your licence with you, and that your vehicle is roadworthy. A vehicle travelling in Lesotho needs 2x red hazard triangles.

New Oxbow Lodge will not be held responsible for any sudden weather conditions which could effect your travel arrangements.


All our 35 bedrooms are ensuite, accommodating 97 people, fully serviced and equiped with warm blankets and gas heaters to ensure your maximum warmth and comfortability. Rooms vary in sizes, accommodating single, to a family of six. There is courtyard parking infront of the rooms.

For winter months, June, July & August, bookings need to be done well in advance as we have many valued customers that return religously and make bookings for next years winter season.

For latest tariff information please phone our Ficksburg office 051 933 2247 (o/h mon-fri)
* Please note that prices can change.

Children under 12 stay free with parents, and pay portion of meals only.
Age 1-6 years pay 25% of meals, and age 7-12 years pay 50% of meals.
Lunch is a la carte.

The lodge consists of the following:

  • Reception area: There are no phones or cell phone reception, only an emergency satellite phone.
  • 2 Lounges: (1 public and 1 private)
  • 2 Bars: (1 public and 1 private)
  • 1 Snooker / Games room
  • 2 Resturants (Dining room and Breakfast room)
  • Conference Hall with private kitchen, toilets, store (Accommodates 100 people)
  • Cellar, well stocked with a good selection of wines

Lunch packs can be arranged the previous night, for people that go out skiing, mountain climing, fishing or 4x4 for the day. During winter months and conferences, the kitchen caters 4 to 5 course meals, for an average of 95 people, per night.

The lodge has been asked on several occasions to cater for some functions, which consist of about 1000 guests.

The reservation office is in Ficksburg, Costa & Irene's home town. No bookings can be made at the lodge for there is no cell phone reception or land lines. A satelite phone is used to stay in contact with the reception office and for emergencies. The satelite phone goes vis France, and calls are charged in dollars.

New Oxbow LodgeNew Oxbow LodgeNew Oxbow Lodge

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Activities at the Lodge
Summer provides great trout fishing.
Rare sightings of the Bearded Vulture as well as the Lammer Vanger.
High altitude conditions are excellent for athletic training.
The Mountain Kingdom is well known for its rugged terrain.
Popular with many 4x4 groups, quad bikes and bikers.
June, July and August are the months which bring the most satisfaction to avid skiers.
The ski slope is 11km from the Lodge, and has a 2km run.
During winter, rivers and waterfalls ice up. Creating fun for the ice climbers, and ice skating on natural river ponds.
Mountaineers dream.
Botanical groups from Canada, UK, US and EU come every year for research.
The Husky dog club would like to bring their dogs along in winter to enjoy the snow,
But so far, have always been too late to book for the winter season, by the time they phone, we are already booked out for the winter.

Katse Dam & Muele Dam.
Very interesting tours are given at the dams. An eerie experience is to take a tour in the dam wall, and to know that behind those walls are millions of tons of water.
There are mysterious caves used by the San Bushmen in the area near Qalo and Sekubu. The town is close to the Caledonspoort border post, and the plateau to the east of the town is a delightful picnic stop on the way to New Oxbow Lodge.
This site is passed going to New Oxbow Lodge.
Lesotho is rich in relics of its prehistoric past, especially of early dinosaurs and of the first primitive mammals to walk the earth. Fascinating for the non-specialist visitor are many dinosaur
track ways - sets of footprints preserved in sandstone.
One of our best examples is at Subeng Steam, about 5 miles north of Hlotse, and easy walking distance from the main Hlotse, Butha-Buthe Road. The Track way features the footprints of several different dinosaurs, from the period at the end of the Triassic era, some 180 - 200 million years ago. These were early ancestors of the creatures that feature in the film Jurassic Park.

New Oxbow LodgeNew Oxbow LodgeNew Oxbow Lodge


  • Reception area: There are no phones or cell phone reception, only an emergency satellite phone.
  • 2 Lounges: (1 public and 1 private)
  • 2 Bars: (1 public and 1 private)
  • 1 Snooker / Games room
  • 2 Resturants (Dining room and Breakfast room)
  • Conference Hall with private kitchen, toilets, store (Accommodates 100 people)
  • Cellar, well stocked with a good selection of wines
The UN, UK, US, EU and SA hold workshops and conferences during the summer months. Many weeks are booked out in advance for conference groups, as groups range from 25 - 80 persons, they book out the lounge for privacy. We have special tariffs for conference bookings. The conference hall can accommodate 100 delegates. The hall is fully equiped with a private kitchen, toilet facilities and a store room. It is also fully equiped with: screens, white boards, flip charts, a photocopy machine, overhead projector and a sound system. A few examples of conferences that we have accommodated: UNICEF, US Peace Corp, Danish Volunteer, Consulate General of Ireland, Lesotho Embassy, World Vision, IEC and the Maluti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Programme.

Kao Mine, as well as Letseng Diamond Mine which re-opened a few years back, and now employs about 600 people.

New Oxbow Lodge